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Child's Play and GamerDNA Contest Underway

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GamerDNA is testing gamers and handing out badges in support of Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. Child's Play is a non-profit organization that has donated over 3.5 million dollars in cash, toys, games, and books for sick kids since its inception in 2003. Several gaming communities have already joined the contest including fans of the local Columbus podcast GameOn!

They've got my full support. Of course I'm completely biased because I know both of the guys very well. One of them is very familiar in fact.

Child's Play is raising money for Children's Hospital's worldwide. You can get your favorite gaming community involved or make a donation of any amount to Child's Play. Full details on the contest and how to get in on the action follow the jump.


CAMBRIDGE, MA – December 8, 2008 – GamerDNA.com has kicked off a new contest amongst leading online communities in partnership with Child’s Play, a non-profit charity, to help gather donations for children’s hospitals across the globe this holiday season. Throughout the month of December, gamerDNA is challenging the members of various online communities to share a unique virtual badge in as many places as possible online, both representing their game community and helping to spread the word about the Child’s Play organization.

The following leading online communities have signed up to support the contest to date, with members having already raised thousands of dollars in donations and the contest generating hundreds of thousands of impressions! To get involved, community members should visit www.gamerdna.com/childsplay.

  • GameDaily.com  
  • ElitistJerks.com  
  • IMVU.com 
  • GamingAngels.com  
  • SFX-360.com  
  • TheMarriedGamers.net  
  • AskMen.com  
  • Piczo.com  
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea (BurningSea.com)
  • StrategyWiki.org 
  • SixApart Media  (SixApart.com)
  • GameOn!  (GameOn.Dispatch.com)

As part of the contest, community members complete the gamerDNA Decades of Influence Quiz, an entertaining and nostalgic multiple-choice quiz that helps gamers learn what aspects of the past four decades of gaming have had the most influence on their individual gaming identity. After completing the quiz, participants will receive a unique virtual badge featuring their quiz results and the name of the community they represent. Using the embeddable codes provided, participants race to share their badge in as many online locations as possible. The community that shares the most badges will select which Children’s Hospital is to receive a donation of 6 bundles of Nintendo DS systems and games donated by gamerDNA.

GamerDNA encourages participants to make a donation of any size to Child’s Play, however, a monetary donation is not required to participate. To view a complete list of participating communities visit: www.gamerdna.com/childsplay
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