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I have a few Thecus servers at home that work really well and now, managing them with a mobile phone will be easier. Thecus announced that they are putting out a free iPhone app to work with their servers.

I'd like to see an Android version and Windows Phone 7 as well, but it's nice to be able to check on the server without having to go into it. Sure, you can pull up the server via a web browser, but the app makes it look nice, clean and easy.

You can grab it from the Apple App Store now.

Announcing Thecus® Dashboard for iPhone

Keep tabs on your Thecus® NAS anytime and anywhere

10/21/2010 –Thecus® Technology, the Creator in Storage, is constantly developing solutions to make life easier and more convenient for Thecus® users. Today, Thecus® is proud to unveil a new iPhone® application dubbed Thecus® Dashboard. This free-to-download application allows users to monitor the status of their Thecus® NAS right from their iPhone, without having to boot up a computer.

Thecus® Dashboard is a robust monitoring application for Thecus® NAS devices. Once downloaded from the Apple App Store, users can easily discover and login to their Thecus® NAS using their iPhone.

Once logged in, users have access to a multitude of device and service status information. Information such as firmware version, up time, CPU loading and even fan status can be displayed through Thecus® Dashboard. Users can even check the status of the various services currently running on their NAS, including FTP status, network file server status, Nsync status, uPnP status and more. With Thecus® Dashboard, making sure your NAS is running in tip top shape has never been easier or more convenient.
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