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Razer makes some pretty awesome looking PC gear and here comes another one in their stable. Here's the Battlefield 3 Razer Blackshark Collector's Edition Gaming Headset, modeled after aviation style headsets.

As the name implies, it's got the Battlefield 3 branding and the stereo headset's style is pretty unique. 40mm neodymium drivers are in each ear cup for high quality sound. The boom mic is also detachable so you can keep it out of the way when not in use.

I have to say, the design and coloring look pretty slick. They are certainly unique in style for gaming headphones.

You'll be able to pick a pair up in July for $129.99.



Collector’s Edition Gaming Headset inspired by military aviation

For Immediate Release: May 29, 2012

CARLSBAD, Calif.–Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, today announced the addition of a custom headset to its Collector’s Edition gaming peripheral suite. Inspired by tactical aviator headsets and armed with total audio immersion, the Razer BlackShark delivers the full force aural intensity of Battlefield 3, EA and DICE’s military shooter masterwork, the fastest-selling game in EA history.

Battlefield 3 is the most physical, dynamic and progressive shooter experience on the market.  Now with the Razer BlackShark, gamers will be able to take to the skies feeling like a genuine attack helicopter pilot with complete circumaural ear cups designed to facilitate an authentic auditory in-game experience. Razer’s superior sound-isolating technology blocks out undesirable ambient noises and, for moments of truce, the Razer BlackShark comes with a detachable boom microphone for use on-the-go.

“The Razer BlackShark is a PC gaming headset with crisp audio and booming bass that is built for a highly intense shooter like Battlefield 3,” said Robert ‘RazerGuy’ Krakoff, president of Razer USA.  “It lets you hear the gunfire, the explosions and the thunderous roar of the jets, as if you were in the heat of the battle.  Designed based on headsets sported by real attack helicopter pilots, no serious soldiers on the frontlines of Battlefield 3 should be without their Razer BlackShark.”

About the Razer BlackShark Gaming Headset:

With an exclusive Battlefield 3 design, the Razer BlackShark brings forth extreme comfort for long, extended missions and top-notch sound isolation. The leatherette sealant of the headset’s ear cups cancels out unwanted ambient noise and allows players to focus on the battle audio and tactical radio chatter of the game. The amazing design of the Razer BlackShark can be showcased wherever one goes thanks to the detachable boom microphone for added portability. The Razer BlackShark Gaming Headset is a vital resource for the dynamic and intense auditory demands of the military shooter, Battlefield 3.


US $129.99 / EU €129.99
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