Check out the new Resident Evil 6 Comic Con trailer

by: Sean M -
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Last week at Comic Con Capcom revealed new playable footage for Resident Evil 6, and have just released a new trailer to boot. 

Matt had previously told you about his thoughts after seeing footage behind closed doors, and it looks like Resident Evil 6 may deliver the goods. The game features 3 separate playable campaigns where you play as Leon, Chris, Helena, Piers, Sherry and Jake (who some are calling Wesker Jr.) after the C virus has swept the globe. A demo was previously released for owners of Dragon's Dogma where you explored Ivy University (which is the focus of their viral marketing campaign) following a supposed act of bio-terrorism and gave us some insight into the gameplay.

I for one am really excited for this chapter in the Resident Evil franchise, and will be sure to pick it up October 2.

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