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Tokyo Games Show is underway and we got some new Killer Instinct videos out of it as well. First up, courtesy of Gamespot, a brand new trailer for Sadira was revealed and we got to see her in action for the first time since she was teased last month. Sadira is a very fast fighter and has great evasion tactics. If she gets you into the air, you are in serious trouble because she seems to have aerial combos and can initiate air to ground combos as well. 

There was something about the trailer that I never picked up on that people online have noticed. At the very end before the title screen comes up, a massive spider stands behind Sadira and you can hear bones crushing in the background. Could they have teased a stage finisher or the return of No Mercy moves? A lot of people said it could have simply been her winning animation but in the latest stream of the game her winning pose is completely different. I won't jump to conclusions but it would be cool if stage finishers and No Mercy moves returned in this new installment. 

Finally, at the end of the trailer, a teaser for a character everyone has wanted to see since the game was first announced. Yes, B. Orchid is back! This time around she is sporting green shorts, a green tanktop and green goggles. We also get a glimpse of the fire cat which is interesting because in the old games she morphed into the cat. Looks like maybe she can summon it to attack the opponent this time around. 

If you want to get a more in depth look a Sadira, be sure to check out Double Helix's official Twitch stream where they played the game for over an hour.

Killer Instinct will be a Xbox One exclusive launch title. Be sure to check out all the official pricing details as well if you plan on getting in on the action. 

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