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Check out a demo of Resonance a week before launch

by: Russell -
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Wadjet Eye Games has released a free demo for their upcoming retro-styled adventure game Resonance.  Launching for PCs on June 19th, Resonance is an adventure game about a particle physicist that dies unexpectedly.  The race is on to secure his new technology before it falls into the wrong hands.  Now, four ordinary people must work together to prevent a potentially cataclysmic disaster.  The demo will introduce the four characters and give a glimpse into the tangled mystery that awaits.

Gamers who wish to check out the game can grab the demo at http://www.resonance-game.com/demo.  The full game will be available on June 19th and can be pre-ordered for $8.99 through their website, GOG.com, and soon to Steam.  Players can also pre-order a boxed collector's edition at http://www.resonance-game.com/preorder.

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