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A few of us use Twitter and we actually have a Gaming Nexus Twitter account that you see on the left side. Well here's something that Twitter is being used for that's kind of interesting. Tim Schafer will be at E3 promoting Brutal Legend and you can chat with the creator by sending messages via Twitter to @BrutualLegend and the hashtag #E3BL. Questions will be taken on Tuesday June 2nd starting at 6PM PST while Tim will answer from 7PM to 8PM. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can also go to and send your questions in that way. Those that participate can also win a guitar inspired by Tenacious D. You probably know that the lead of Brutal Legend will be voiced by Tenacious D's Jack Black. Good luck on winning the guitar!
Brütal Legend to Rock the Internet During E3 2009 Chat Live with Double Fine’s own Tim Schafer via Twitter at 7pm PST on Tuesday, June 2nd

With the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) less than a week away, Brütal Legend is preparing to take its Heavy Metal road show online, unleashing upon the masses

Featuring an exclusive live chat with Double Fine’s own Tim Schafer via Twitter, the world premiere of a brand new Brütal Legend trailer, and a new installment of “Brütal Thoughts with Jack Black”, entitled “Human Video Game”. And if that wasn’t enough to get your fists in the air, one lucky person will win a real guitar, six strings and all, inspired by none other than Tenacious D!

For your chance to chat exclusively with Tim Schafer immediately following the first day of E3, logon to Twitter at 6pm PST on Tuesday, June 2nd and send your questions about Brütal Legend to @BrutalLegend using the following Twitter hashtag - #E3BL. Then from 7pm to 8pm, Tim Schafer will join us live to answer all your questions about Brütal Legend. Don’t have a Twitter account but got a question for Tim? We got you covered, just head over to and submit your question via the site. The full interview will unfold exclusively on the @BrutalLegend Twitter feed as well as

For your chance to win the exclusive Brütal Legend/Tenacious D guitar, sign up at , with the lucky winner selected randomly on July 10th, 2009. For complete rules please visit
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