Changes for Street Fighter X Mega Man v2 announced, coming Friday

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It's been out there for a bit now that there will be a version two of Street Fighter X Mega Man, the fan-game-turned-official-game from Capcom that merges Capcom's two best franchises.  Over on the Capcom unity site (where you can download the current version of the game if you haven't yet), the few changes coming in v2 have been noted, with one that the game desperately needed: passwords.

One of my main complaints with SFxMM was the lack of either passwords or a save system.  Granted it was a minor complaint about a free  Mega Man game, but it really made the game feel more like Mega Man 1, which I consider the hardest of the original six NES games and not the one I'd introduce new players to the series with for fear it might turn them off to the series.  The inclusion of passwords (which will be the dot system seen in the classic NES games, mono-colored like Mega Man 2 it seems) is but one of a few changes.  The full list of changes includes:
  • Mega Man 2-style passwords.
  • E-Tank and other glitches/bugs fixed (I've seen video of E-Tanks appearing in a wall in Ryu's stage, which has been noted by a few people and supposedly not supposed to be there).
  • Confirmation upon exiting or restarting the game.
  • Using F9 to take screenshots.
  • Improved controller support.
  • M. Bison gets a buff (I've heard/seen that he's not too terribly difficult right now).

Head on over to this Friday at around 5pm EST to download Street Fighter X Mega Man v2.

Original Source: Capcom-Unity
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