Ceton's multi-stream cable card tuner is now in the house

by: John -
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It's been a long time coming and the product was delayed a few months but now, Ceton's InfiniTV 4 is finally shipping to the masses. The card's been going out to a few pre-order folks before but I finally got mine from Cannon Media Centers and below are the pictures of the card before installation. Currently, I only have a single stream cable card so I'll have to pop on over to my local cable company and swap it out with their multi-stream card. Before that though, I'm going to upgrade my HTPC with some more powerful components, just cause.

I was surprised at how small the Ceton card is and it fits into any PCI-E slot. Besides the card, the package comes with a coax adapter cable so you don't have to screw in the coax straight into the card like most TV tuner cards out there. If you have a low profile case, Ceton also includes a low profile bracket as well. I'll be doing a small review of the InfiniTV 4 once I have it all setup and have a few days to check it out.

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