Celebrate Wolfenstein 3D's 20th anniversary

by: Nathaniel -
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Back before piracy was a thing, I remember my father bringing home, from his PC-centric job, something called Wolfenstein.  It was being passed around the office like herpes so he brought it home (just like herpes) and put in on our home computer (again, just like herpes) and I played it for about 10 seconds before I got bored and went back to my Sega Genesis to play whatever awful version of Madden came out that year. 

Little did I know that during those 10 seconds I'd played the future.  I'd played a pirated version of the world's first first person shooter - and I didn't like it.  

Recently, I asked my father about that, but he claimed to not remember anything I was talking about, but I know he just refuses to admit that he was ever actually impressed by something.  He's sort of a hipster like that.  

This year happens to be the 20th Anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D, and to celebrate, Bethesda has released a free-to-play browser version of the game.  You can find it at wolfenstein.bethsoft.com and on Facebook.

If you're stuck at job where playing pirated videogames isn't smiled upon, then you can waste 24 minutes and change with this video of John Carmack providing director's commentary for the game.

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