Celebrate DotEmu's one year anniversary with five free games

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To celebrate their one year anniversary, DotEmu.com is offering a free game per day for five days June 1st through 5th.  The games are Gobliiins, Hammerin' Harry, Robinson's Requiem, Dragon Breed, and Warzone 2100.  Read on for more info.

DotEmu.com celebrates its first birthday with 5 free games!


Paris, France – May the 31st 2011 – DotEmu.com, developer and publisher specialized in bringing retro games back to life, celebrates its online store’s first birthday! More than 120 games from 20 publishers are now available DRM-free and low price, including the excellent The Last Express by Jordan Mechner or Broken Sword director’s cut.

To celebrate this event, DotEmu offers you 1 free game per day for 5 days:

June 1st: Gobliiins is a famous point’n click from the 90’ where you embody Oups, Ignatius and Asgard in their quest to save their king, Angoulafre.Download Gobliiins!
June 2nd : Hammerin’ Harry, one of the best game from the recently released Irem Arcade Hits compilation. Defeat the Rusty Nailers and their wild buildings! Download Hammerin' Harry!
June 3rd : Robinson’s Requiem. You embody Trepliev1, young soldier in this old school survival horror where your cold blood and your survival skills will be strained! Download Robinson's Requiem!
June 4th : Dragon Breed is an original horizontally-scrolling shoot’em up where you sit astride a dragon you can’t miss. It is also available in Irem Arcade Hits compilation. Download Dragon Breed!
From June 5th: Warzone 2100. Firstly released in 1999, this real time strategy game makes you the witness of the end of a civilization. Warzone 2100will be released for free even after the birthday event. Download Warzone 2100!

All those games will be available for free for a period of 24 hours, certified DRM-free and adapted for current PC (Windows XP, Vista and Seven).
5 free days, 5 outstanding games! Check DotEmu.com to enjoy your free games legally and safely!

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