Catwoman joins Infinite Crisis

by: Sean Colleli -
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Everyone's favorite Batman anti-hero, Catwoman, has just joined the ranks of Infinite Crisis, the DC combat MMO. As you'd expect this new dev diary focusing on Ms. Kyle has a LOT of technical detail about her various moves, stats and buffs, but features plenty of in-game footage as well. I like that they're using the costume she wore in Arkham City--as far as I'm concerned, that version of Batman's universe should be the gold standard to which all other adaptations aspire, new movies included.
Be wary of the “bad kitty” when you meet the newest Champion in the Infinite Crisis roster - Catwoman!  Get the first look at this cat burglar’s skills via a brand new profile video before this new Champion is added to the in-game line-up on September 30. Infinite Crisis is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) set in the legendary DC Multiverse and in development by Turbine.
As Gotham City master criminal turned mischievous vigilante, Catwoman's attitude starts fights as quickly as her martial prowess ends them.  After her mother's suicide, Selina Kyle's father drank himself to an early grave. Selina was moved to an abusive state home from which she quickly escaped, taking to the streets. Petty thievery quickly became talented burglary, until she encountered Batman. The two soon discovered a mutual attraction, but due to… complications, neither party has ever fully committed to a romantic relationship.
Catlike reflexes, mastery of the martial arts, and a deadly whip make Catwoman a formidable and resourceful opponent.
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