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If you're one of those that love to try out beta Microsoft OS's and have an ATI card, you can get the beta drivers for your card from ATI's website. Microsoft Vista, or whatever name they might have to change it because of legalities, is the latest OS from Redmond and the beta was recently released to the public.
ATI’s Catalyst™ Drivers Included in Beta 1 Release of Microsoft Windows

MARKHAM – July 28, 2003 – ATI Technologies Inc., (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT),
today announced broad Catalystâ„¢ graphics driver support for the beta 1
release of the Microsoft Windows Vistaâ„¢ operating system. With its latest
Catalyst driver releases, ATI is one of the first graphics providers to
make a 64-bit driver that supports the Longhorn Driver Display Model
(LDDM)—the Microsoft Vista revolutionary graphics driver standard—as well
as the first to provide LDDM drivers for integrated graphics processors.

Microsoft Windows Vista will make extensive use of 3D graphics for the
desktop. ATI’s support of beta 1 enables the developer community to write
a new class of visually stunning applications for the new operating system.
By making LDDM drivers available more than a full year prior to Windows
Vista release, ATI provides developers with a stable, feature-enabled and
performance-optimized platform for application development.

“We are happy to see ATI's commitment to developing a Windows Vista
graphics driver,” said Chris Donahue, Group Manager, Windows Graphics &
Gaming Technology team at Microsoft Corp. “Users of Windows Vista advanced
3D capabilities will enjoy the premium experience of a high quality, high
performance and stable GPU driver. ATI’s substantial investment in Windows
Vista has resulted in tremendous progress on driver development, including
the delivery of broad device support, full 64-bit compatibility and
excellent performance.”

Included with Microsoft’s Windows Vista beta 1 release are ATI’s Catalyst
drivers for its desktop and mobile DirectX 9 class discrete graphics
processors as well as support for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows
Vista. Additionally, ATI also is making available today on its website a
further Catalyst LDDM driver which includes all of the functionality
mentioned above plus support for integrated graphics processors in Windows

“ATI is providing broad graphics driver support to Microsoft and the MSDN
community for all ATI DirectX 9 hardware in Microsoft Windows Vista beta
1,” said Ben Bar-Haim, Vice President of Software Engineering, ATI
Technologies. “ATI is proud to point out we have more Windows Vista
in-the-box driver support than any other independent hardware vendor”.

A long-time supporter of Microsoft’s DirectX 9 application programming
interface, ATI is working closely with Microsoft to ensure ATI graphics
processors offer the best feature support and greatest compatibility with
Microsoft Windows Vista. ATI’s complete line of DirectX 9 Radeon discrete
graphics for desktop computers, Mobility Radeon graphics for notebook PCs
and Radeon Xpress 200 chipsets with integrated graphics for motherboards
offer fully featured driver support for the beta 1 release.

ATI’s latest beta 1 driver release for Microsoft Windows Vista is available
for download at
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