Castlevania reboot coming along nicely...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
 Konami dropped a bombshell on the industry last year when they announced that they were rebooting the Castlevania series with an entry courtesy of Kojima Productions.  The Castlevania series has struggled ont he home consoles for years, while the portable entries in the series have been racking up the accolades.  Konami hopes to change this trend with the reboot, entitled Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
The new game will restart the series in Southern Europe back in the Middle Ages and looks to heavily a much heavier focus on the action than the exploration.  That isn't to say that the game is abandoning its adventure roots, but the action of the game appears to be getting brought up to par with the Devil May Cry / Bayonetta games of today.  Konami has released a new batch of media hyping the game, showing off a combination of screenshots, renders, and art.  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will hopefully be launching later this year.  Check it out:

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