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And here I was thinking Castlevania was doing just peachy on the DS. Konami has seen fit to remake the rather underwhelming Castlevania Adventure from way back on the black and white Game Boy. The Result is Castlevania Rebirth, the first main series game to show up on the Wii (that weird fighting game from early last year doesn't count). If you're in the mood for some classic Belmont-adventuring, Dracula-whipping action, Rebirth fits the bill. From what I've heard it's one of the rare remakes that is far better than the original.
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Players Embark on a Quest to Destroy Dracula in Konami's New 2D Side-Scroller

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Castlevania ReBirth is now available for download on Nintendo WiiWare™. A regenerated version of the original 2D side-scrolling Castlevania: Adventure, Castlevania ReBirth brings back the classic adventure from Transylvania to the Nintendo Wii™, providing players with the first ever downloadable Castlevania title.  

In Castlevania ReBirth, Dracula is back from the dead with his legion of vampires causing disorder in the realms of Transylvania. Players assume the role of Christopher Belmont, the latest vampire slaying hero from the Belmont Clan that is tasked to restore order to the universe before Dracula and his foes take over. Equipped with the legendary whip, players must locate upgradable weapons and holy water to fend off vampires and reach Dracula's layer in order to dethrone him once and for all.

Created by Koji Igarashi, Castlevania ReBirth is rated E10+ by the ESRB and is now available for purchase for 1000 Wii Points on Nintendo WiiWare™.
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