Castle Crashers serving up new mode on PSN...

by: Jeremy -
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 It may have taken a while for the Behemoth to port over Castle Crashers to the PlayStation Network, but the wait may not be in vane according to Behemoth's dev blog.  According the the developers official blog, the PSN version of their now classic beat'em up is coming later this year and will contain an entirely new mode of play.  When the PSN version launches, it will contain a volleyball minigame / mode not seen in the previous XBLA version.
Gamers can expect the following in the new game mode:
  • Cooperative and versus play
  • Local and online play
  • 4 on 4 matches
  • Play as any unlocked character
  • Use magic attacks to place new magic status effects on the ball
  • Special serving and spiking moves
  • Leaderboard tracking
It is unknown as to whether the mode will make its way to the Xbox 360 version of the game via a downloadable update, but it is a possibility.  Behemoth will have the game on hand at PAX East later this month...

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