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Capcom is starting to reveal more and more behind the storyline of Dead Rising 2‘s XBLA exclusive sequel Case 0. The demo / mini-game is meant to give gamers some background information on the events that lead to the second game.

According to Capcom, Case 0 takes place 3 years prior to the events of Dead Rising 2. In the midst of Fortune City’s zombie outbreak, motorcross star Chuck Greene and his daughter arrive at a gas station in the suburbs of the area. Unfortunately, Chuck’s young daughter has been bitten and infected by a zombie but her condition is stable thanks to a vaccine called Zombrex. In order to survive, she has to receive a shot of Zombrex every 12 hours until a full cure is discovered. During their visit at the gas station, Chuck’s car is stolen, along with his daughter’s stock of Zombrex... and (of course) zombies begin attacking. Now Chuck has 12 hours to find her next dosage of medicine before she gives in completely to the zombie infection.

Sounds interesting enough. Even though no solid date has been set for the release date, it is expected roughly one month prior to Dead Rising 2‘s retail release.

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