Carmack already slaving away on new game engine

by: Chuck -
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In an interview with ID software CEO Todd Hollenshead revealed that John Carmack is already hard at work on a new engine for a yet to be announced game.  The new game will be a new franchise and won't be related to anything else they've done in the past (i.e. it's not a new Doom, Quake, or Wolfenstein game). 

Given that the last engine Carmack created (the Doom 3 engine) didn't exactly go over like gang busters I'm intereseted to see what Carmack can come up with and if Id can eat away at the Unreal Engine 3's market share.  Outside of the UE engine he's also going to have to go up against other great next gen game engines like the Project Offset engine and the new Crytek engine. 
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