Captivate 2010: Marvel vs Capcom 3 revealed

by: Jeremy -
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Finally, after years and years (and years) of speculation, Marvel and Capcom 3 has become a reality. Marvel vs. Capcom 3- Fate of Two Worlds is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next Spring. The title was announced by Keiji Inafune within the opening remarks of the event and fully revealed by Ryota Niitsuma and Seth Killian a few hours later. I won't waste your time with the details right this second, let's get to the good stuff as the announcement trailer for the title is shown below.

One thing to note, what you see in the trailer is what you are going to get. The trailer is done using the in-game engine and the character models shown are the same models that will be playable in game. The game is going to look this good… if not better before it is all said and done. Expect the full details and a Q&A with the developers a little later today!

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