Capcom wants to blow up your iPhone

by: Marissa -
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No, not "blow up" like it's 1992 and you've got a pager clipped to your CK jeans. I mean blow up like KABOOM!

Capcom just launched BombLink, a new puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Oh, but it's harder than it sounds. Layers of bombs start popping up from the bottom of the screen. Each bomb has a fuse attached, which you'll need to link together by flicking the screen. When the flames that rain down touch a fuse, all bombs connected to it explode. You'll need to move quickly--as soon as your screen is filled with bombs, it's game over. BombLInk comes with three play modes, three difficulty levels, and the option to include an in-game playlist (in which case, Prodigy's Firestarter is pretty much required).

Pick it up now from the App Store for a measly $1.99.

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