Capcom starting to get the Shadow Packs right

by: Jeremy -
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I haven’t been shy about my criticism with Capcom and their Shadow Battle packs for Marvel vs Capcom 3. Aside from the first release, I have found their offerings to be less than stellar and definitely not worth the price of admission. That could be changing with the most recent pack released for download.

The newest pack includes the AI of the one and only Seth Killian. Seth is known to be quite the competitor when it comes to games of the fighting nature and surely he has quite a set of chops for the game he helped create. Seth’s AI brings with it a 20/20 difficulty rating using his patented Dante / Viper / Sentinel team.

This is one that I would consider putting the money down for and hope that future packs include other high-profile competitors like Seth...

Source: Capcom Unity

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