Capcom reveals Third Strike DLC plans

by: Jeremy -
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Keen eyed gamers may have noticed that within Capcom’s recent release Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, there is an option to access downloadable content. I know that I noticed it the first time that I started up the game and was curious as to exactly what the developers had in store. Well, this week Capcom revealed exactly what they have in store for the game’s DLC.

The first additional content hitting the game will launch next week in the form of “Color Pack 1“. This new pack, which will cost $2.99 (or system equivalent), and will give you seven additional color options for each character in the game. The rest of the releases will be following in the coming months but exact dates have not been decided.

Among those packs that are coming down the road are Music Packs which add in all of the character themes from the first two SF3 games (New Generation and Second Impact). The final batch is what is being referred to as Match Packs. These DLC packages contain replays of an internal Capcom tournament of the game featuring high level players from around the world and detailed color commentary. Each pack will contain more than 60 minutes of content. There are two packs planned for this content, one which covers the Top 8 matches of the tournament and a “Best of” compilation of action from all of the other matches.

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