Capcom reveals MvC3 Shadow Mode

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has announced a special feature in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that will allow gamers worldwide to challenge some of the greatest minds behind the actual game. Capcom will offer a series of downloadable packs of custom-built computer opponents styled off of the gameplay tenancies and likenesses of some of the major names behind the game.

Each pack released will consist of three teams. The first pack will consist of teams with the AI personalities (gameplay wise) of the game’s producer Ryota Niitsuma, Assistant Producer Akihito Kadowaki, and a one of the quality assurance team leads. Numerous other packs are being planned for a later release and I would put money on there being one pack based on Seth Killian. I think that Capcom should also consider getting some teams assembled that are based on some of the prominent professional players such as Daigo or Justin Wong... just for the sake of providing players with a true challenge.

Take a peek below at a bunch of screens showing off the mode which we will all be enjoying when the game launches next week. 

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