Capcom reveals Mega Man Legends 3

by: Jeremy -
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Nearly a decade after the release of the previous Mega Man Legends game, Capcom has revealed Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was announced at the Nintendo Conference in Japan yesterday / last night (time changes always confuse me).

The title was announced via video by Keiji Inafune himself. The announcement served more as an announcement of the start of the development for the game than for the game itself. Inafune-san stated that the development of this title would be like no other, as Capcom would be looking for interaction with the Mega Man community in order to drive the development of the game. What exactly was meant by that statement is unknown, but more details are expected a tthe upcoming New York comic Con.

You can check out the announcement video ./ message below as well as the official loge for the game / project.


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