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Capcom revealed an entirely new franchise at Captivate 2011 in the form of Dragon’s Dogma. The title was rumored back in the fall thanks to a trademark finding but it wasn’t until this morning that Capcom lifted the veil for the public.

Dragon’s Dogma is a new action / combat game from the same teams that created Resident Evil 4 and the Devil May Cry 4. It looks to me like the Monster Hunter series given a little more structure and story... which is a really, really good thing in my book. I have noticed a lot of people online referring to it as a cross between Monster Hunter and Dragon Age. Set during medieval times, players assume the role of the leader of a three-man party who must head out into a huge, open world and face the challenges set in motion by the huge creatures and dangers that inhabit it.

It is no secret that I am a huge Capcom fan to begin with but I think that they are really raising the bar with their recent offerings. Capcom is making strides to offer games different than their usual / regular titles and the freshness of games such as Asura’s Wrath and Dragon’s Dogma is definitely welcome from both fans of the Japanese developer and other gamers alike. This title looks a lot better than I could have ever imagined and I hope that it lives up to the hype that Capcom is setting in motion for it when it launches next year.

You can find the debut trailer, screenshots, and art images for Dragon’s Dogma below:

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