Capcom looking to get gamers together

by: Jeremy -
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Maybe. Keen eyed reporters over at Siliconera spotted a new US trademark for Capcom entitled Comuken. The trademark doesn’t mention software though; this isn’t a game. Instead, it appears as though Comuken is a new social networking service... of some sort(s). The trademark application references the following services:
  • social networking services
  • computer software for social networking
  • social networking software for video game consoles and mobile phones
  • online gaming
  • video game competitions
  • painting competitions
It sounds to me like a new extension of their existing Unity website... perhaps they are expanding to make it more software oriented rather than web-based. Everything makes sense in terms of gaming except for the painting competitions... that is what causes me to make the link to their existing Unity blog. The Capcom Unity blog is known for holding frequent art competitions based on Capcom properties... see the connection? Capcom isn’t saying anything regarding the finding, so we will have to just wait to find out exactly what is to come of this new “network”.
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