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Fans of Lost Planet, Dead Rising, and others now have a new place to hang out as Capcom has launched a new company portal.  The site contains blogs, news, and forums.  It looks like this is going to become the go to spot for upcoming franchises as well.  I do wish they had one master RSS feed for the blogs but other than that it's a fairly nifty site.



The New Center for Capcom’s Online Community Goes Live


SUNNYVALE, Calif ¾ Feb. 5, 2007 —  Capcom announced today that, the company’s new online community portal, has gone live. Capcom-Unity represents Capcom’s increasing presence and involvement with core players and fans, unifying the company’s many diverse brands and titles in a single spot on the web. Capcom-Unity can be found on the web at


Capcom-Unity hosts Capcom’s various blogs, presents breaking news and information about the company and its products and provides a unified location for Capcom fans to gather to discuss everything Capcom related. From Street Fighter to Mega Man, Okami to Dead Rising, Resident Evil to Ace Attorney, Capcom-Unity puts the company’s entire universe of entertainment under one virtual roof.


This is just the first phase of Capcom-Unity. Over the coming months, Capcom will be adding brand-specific community sites (such as Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil), more functionality and, eventually, user-submitted content, such as screens shots, artwork and videos. All this and more will be added as the site grows over the weeks, months and years ahead.


Currently on Capcom-Unity, players will find:


  • Capcom Blogs, including Brian Dunn’s Lost Planet blog and Scarlett’s blog
  • Capcom related news: new product announcements, special offers, updates and random Capcom links from around the internet
  • Forums and forum links: hot threads, latest threads and links to all of Capcom’s forums
  • Links to focused brand product and community sites: Lost Planet, Ace Attorney, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man and Devil May Cry

For more information, visit


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