Capcom expresses interest in Virtual Console

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom is looking to join in on the Nintendo-fun by throwing some support to the arcade section of the Virtual Console in terms of some of their classic arcade games. Andriasang is reporting thatThe first release has been announced for the VC in the form of the 1984 classic Sonson.

Sonson is a 2D sidescroller that is loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West. The game also included a 2-player cooperative mode where the second player would assume the role of Tonton. The name Sonson should also be familiar thanks to Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom 2. The Sonson that was included in the now-classic fighter was the granddaughter of the original character. The title will hit the VC later this summer for 800 Nintendo points.

Is it too early for us to start speculating (and hoping) on which Capcom titles will follow Sonson to the Wii? I would love to see some classic Punisher or perhaps Captain Commando... what about you?

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