Capcom enters the reality show realm

by: Jeremy -
More On: Street Fighter X Tekken
Capcom is really putting a lot of focus on their upcoming release Street Fighter X Tekken. They have launched a fury of promotional ads and previews for the game all over the Internet, including the start of a reality show based on the game called “Cross Assault”!

Cross Assault is a week-long reality show being aired on the Internet which will award one lucky gamer $25,000. Hundreds of frantic fans applied for spots on two different team,s which will face off against one another for the top prize. Although many fans entered, only 10 were chosen and Teams Tekken and Capcom have been formed. The teams will be lead by legendary fighting-game players Alex Valle and Aris Bakhtanians and the competition will begin on February 22.

One week later, when the dust settles, only 4 contestants will remain and they will battle it out in the Final Round in Atlanta, Georgia for the prize money. Will you be watching? You can check out the first video of the series which will introduce you to the contestants below. 

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