Capcom announced Mega Man Online

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A few weeks back, Capcom referenced Mega Man Online in an earnings report which caught the attention of fans of the blue bomber. Now, they have finally lifted the veil and shown us what they were talking about. Capcom officially announced Mega Man Online for the PC through the Japanese gaming site 4Gamer.

Mega Man Online is going to be a 3D side scrolling RPG exclusive to the PC platform. While being published by Capcom, the game is being developed by Neowiz Games. The game will take all of the action and gameplay of the classic Mega Man series and combine it with elements from the RPG and MMO genres. After selecting your base robot character, your progress through the adventure will allow them to develop and grow in strength over time.

The game will be set in the Mega Man universe that we have come to know and love and will include characters that we have become familiar with throughout the series’ history. All of the characters and environments are being recreated under the supervision of the original series’ creators. The only visual look at the game that has been shown thus far consists of the art shown below, depicting Mega Man and Zero. These two will likely serve as NPC’s along side the other familiar faces which your custom robot will interact with through its adventure.

Capcom will hopefully release more information on the title very soon...

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