Can't wait for Dragon's Crown? How about getting the first DLC for free?

by: Russell -
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In the past month or so we've posted a couple videos about Atlus's upcoming multiplayer action beat-em-up Dragon's Crown that discusses the various playable characters.  What if I told you that when the game releases on August 6th Atlus will also be launching a voice-pack DLC that replaces the narrator's voice with that of the playable character you're using?  I mean, who needs a standard narrator when you can have the Dwarf or Sorceress describe what's going on?  Now what if I told you that the DLC pack will be free for the first month?

Yes, you read that correctly.  For the first month after the game's release, players can download the voice pack for free.  However, after that the DLC will revert to it's standard price of $1.99.  Also, Atlus has announced that Dragon's Crown will be playable at E3 at the Atlus booth (West Hall #5010).

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