Can't afford a plane ticket for PAX East? Good news! You can watch the whole thing through Twitch!

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Can't afford to go traipsing across the U.S. to attend PAX? Well, you can watch all the nerdy goings-on in the pantsless comfort of you living-and/or-bedroom through the magic Twitch portal!

Go to the Twitch PAX East Event Portal for the full schedule and live streams.

They'll also be live streaming two tournaments live:

On Saturday 4/12 at 3:00pm EST- The TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Open. Which is a lot of words that basically mean four of the top Hearthstone players that go to college will be going head-to-head for $5,000 in scholarships.

On Sunday 4/13 at 1:00pm EST- The CAPCOM PRO TOUR. The year-round tour for the latest iteration of Street Fighter will be holding a raking event at the Twitch booth.

Also on Saturday 4/12 at 11:30am EST, Newegg is hosting a race to see who can be the first to build and boot up a power PC featuring some of the top components available today.

If you're lucky enough to be attending PAX East, if you stop by the Twitch booth, they have a broadcasting stage where they'll be showing off demos, holding interviews and other events hosted by Jon Carnage, djWHEAT, MANvsGAME and Swiftor. They'll also be doing a couple nifty giveaways. 

More details after the jump- or you could just go straight to the live stream.

Twitch at PAX East 2014!

Click the image to watch this week's Twitch Weekly! Featuring information on all PAX, community, and esports content being streamed this week. 

In partnership with PAX East, ReedPOP, and Newegg, Twitch is pleased to bring you the complete PAX East 2014 experience from the comfort of your own home. Simply head over to the the Twitch PAX East Event Portal, the primary destination for all PAX programming, and see a full schedule of every PAX event - from developer talks, panels, demos, giveaways, and more - and links to the exact time and stream they will be broadcasting.  

We will also have a booth at the event which features a broadcasting stage with a robust schedule of demos, interviews, and events. Hosts Jon Carnage, djWHEAT, MANvsGAME, and Swiftor will meet with top publishers, developers, and other industry members to spotlight what’s hot at PAX. We’ll be giving away four more of the limited edition white Twitch hoodies to fans live from our stage!

Our booth offers severals ways for fans to experience Twitch. We’ve got a bunch of Twitch-enabled next-gen consoles with headsets from Turtle Beach, Twitch’s official audio partner. The first 250 visitors a day to the booth who try their hand at broadcasting from one of these interactive stations will get a Twitch swag bag with a limited edition t-shirt and commemorative pin!

Additionally we’ll be streaming two awesome tournament events live:

Saturday (4/12) at 3:00pm ET: The TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Open

The finalists of this collegiate tournament starring Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be squaring off at the Twitch booth. This competition – which began with 512 North American college students – is now down to the top four as they compete for the title of College Hearthstone Champion and $5000 in scholarships.

Sunday (4/13) at 1:00pm ET: The CAPCOM PRO TOUR (CPT)

Featuring the latest flagship title of the legendary Street Fighter series, CPT is the premier league destination for competitive fighting games. This year-round tour will be hosting a ranking event at the Twitch booth, where dozens of players will virtually be going head-to-head and fist-to-face.

Newegg's PAX East Build Off!

Tune in this Saturday 4/12 @ 11:30am EST:


Technological gladiators representing , and YouTube stars LinusTechTips will race to be the first to build and boot up a power PC featuring some of the top components available. You can check out the component list for yourself, in case you want to build along at home.
For more info, check out

Twitch in the News

Motley Fool - “More than the year of the next-generation console, 2014 is shaping up to be the year of Twitch.”

Washington Post - “For Twitch, which was recently named by the Wall Street Journal -- ahead of Hulu and Facebook - as the fourth-largest source of streaming traffic in the country, it's been a demonstration of the strength of its community.”

TechCrunch - “Twitch has become the defacto streaming platform online for both casual, and professional gamers.”

Business Week - “It’s too soon to know whether  Microsoft or  Sony will emerge victorious from this round of the great video-game console wars, but it may not be premature to name the real winner: Twitch”

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