Canceled Avengers game doesn't look too bad

by: John -
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The Austrailian THQ office was working on a game before they were forced to close up shop. Well, seems like the footage of the game has leaked and said game is a movie tie-in the The Avengers. The game looks like first person co-op action featuring Earth's mightiest heroes doing battle with the damn Skrulls.

We haven't really gotten confirmation of the main villains in the movie that force the team to be brought together, but if the game's any indication, the Skrulls are the driving force behind the formation of the Avengers. There were rumors, and could still, be the army of Thanos instead, but from the looks of the game and some of the leaked footage, we got the Skrulls attacking the Earth with the help of Loki.

Now, even at the early alpha stage, there are some things I enjoyed from the video. The game seems very melee focus, being that most the main Avengers are that. They show Iron Man using his repulsors with some chain reaction action going on. There didn't seem to be anything on Hawkeye or Black Widow and very little on Thor.  It's too bad this game probably won't see the light of day though, unless another THQ studio decides to pick it up.

Check it out before the video gets taken down.

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