Can you dig it? The Warriors are coming out to play tomorrow on Playstation Network

by: Nathan -
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I cannot explain how excited I am about this. One of my favorite games of all time, The Warriors, a criminally underrated game, will be coming to the Playstation Network tomorrow as a Playstation 2 Classic for $9.99. 

This is truly, in my opinion, one of Rockstar's best games they have ever made. It's a faithful re-creation of the 1979 classic movie and expands upon it with tons of added story not seen in the movie. The gameplay is incredibly fun and one of the best 3D brawlers I have ever played. There was just something so fun about smashing windows, looting stores, beating up other gangs, and tagging turf. It's like they took the best elements of Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and State Of Emergency and combined them all into one incredibly fun game.

For those who don't know the story of The Warriors, it was originally a movie released in 1979. New York is controlled by tons of gangs, all with their own unique style. Cyrus calls a meeting for all the gangs in the city to come together. He wants to create peace among them all, to unite them as one giant gang that could take over the entire city. As you would expect that doesn't go as planned. Cyrus is murdered at the meeting by the Rouges and The Warriors are framed for killing. With every gang going after them, The Warriors have to fight through the city and make it to their home turf of Coney Island without getting killed. 

I cannot recommend enough checking this game out if you get a chance. 

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