CES Swag-a-thon 2010: Day One, Part 1

by: Ben Berry -
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This years CES is a veritable treasure trove of swag goodness just ripe for the picking. But like an artist, I scope the landscape of trinkets and knicknacks for only the best and brightest. Plus, this years messenger style press bag is a bit smaller than the backpacks of years past, meaning I need to be considerate of what I take. I don’t want to waste any of these goodies, and having to bypass something special because I have a full bag seems silly

So, following the first half of day one here are the goods :

backscratcher and hand sanitizer from the Peregrine glove keyboard booth - Both items are very useful in the conditions of CES, where you’re in the same clothes for sometimes 18 hours a day, and you shake a LOT of hands.

Light up keychain from Turtle Beach - This is your Stormtrooper of swag, there are millions of them. This one is both blue (my fav color), and has a pretty bright light. So it’s probably more like the Biker Scout of swag.

IaPeel Inkjet printable skin kit - This was the snag of day 1 so far. I just got a iPod Nano G5 for Christmas, and this 5 pack of printable skins for it was an ideal pickup. It’s not necessarily gaming related, but I may just do a mini review of it anyways.

iBUYPOWER pen/laser pointer/4GB USB drive - Most exclusive swag of the day so far; only way to get it was to meet with iBUYPOWER in their suite in the Venetian. It’s a quality pen with some real heft to it. Just missed out on swag of the day.

Lego figures - Lego Universe MMO is here demoing their game, and they have two different banks of figure parts (legs, torso, head and hat) where you can custom build and keep your own figures. Since the 2 banks have different pieces, I had to make two. The only reason these aren’t the run away swag of the week already is that they aren’t exclusive; anyone can walk into the booth and make a figure or two. I’ve already told the booth folks I’m coming back every day of the convention for more, and they were more than cool with it. We have time scheduled about the game on Saturday, so John and I will be making our way over there together.

Technology T-Shirt - I signed up for some mailing list about how technology is the only way to stave off economic recession long term. The shirt has a really cool blue hand-drawn logo.

Intellus Datecheck condom - Um, unless my mom is reading, then it’s a blue mint.

Picture of Elvis - 5 minutes onto the show floor this morning, I saw my first Elvis of the trip working one of the booths. He was kind enough to pose for this shot.

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