CES Swag-a-Thon 2010: The wrapup

by: Ben Berry -
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 Another conference has come and gone, and it's time to wrap up this years coverage. The Swag-a-Thon was a raving success, if I do say so myself. I estimate the retail value of the products I picked up to be somewhere in the area of $500. Clearly, it was the quality over the quantity though that really made it's mark. Saturday and Sunday were lighter days for swag, though our booth visit with Lego yielded 2 more Lego figures (bringing the total to 8 over the 4 days) and a Lego triceratops that will be a pet available in the Lego Universe game. I also picked up several more skins, for multiple devices. Then there's the Jelfin, a new circular gel covered mouse. 

It will be neat to see what review units I'll have coming my way after the show, but this trip was certainly a great event for swag.
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