CES 2013: The week ahead

by: Dan -
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In early January, while most of us are trying to find ways to get out of the ridiculous New Year’s resolutions we made, the staff at GamingNexus is getting prepared to attend the largest electronics show in the world out in Las Vegas.  This year Sean, John and myself will be providing coverage of the 2013 International CES once again and we have a very full slate of events on tap for you this week.

Starting today, and as I mentioned earlier, Sean and I will be taking a stop by a place that offers a very unique experience to gamers that are looking to get a realistic experience of some of their in-game actions.  While we won’t be riding dragons or shooting fireballs from our hands like in Skyrim, we will be taking a look at some powerful tools of the trade.

Later in the week, we will be attending both the Digital Experience (Monday) and Showstoppers Events (Tuesday), where each bring together hundreds of exhibitors at one place where they show off their latest and greatest products./projector manufactures.

As for actual games and game developers, we are slated to visit with Sony, Square Enix, GameLoft and RedLynx (an UBISoft studio) during the course of the week.  More than likely we will find some unannounced titles on the floor being shown off in various booths, so keep checking back all week.

For complete coverage, follow us on our twitter feed @GamingNexus to see live tweets and images as well as check back daily.
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