CES 2013: Project Shield gives you portable cloud gaming with Tegra 4

by: John -
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Last night, NVIDIA had their annual CES press conference and there they not only talked about Tegra 4, they unveiled Project Shield that uses the new chipset to give you some great cloud gaming performance. Project Shield looks to be a handheld controller with an attached screen that will deliver some stunning visuals through 

For starters, the screen has a resolution of 1280x720 giving you a solid DPI for the 5' screen. It is a touchscreen so you can interact with it as well. On the controller base, there's a microSD slot, HDMI out, and audio port, which I assume will let you hook up headsets as well for communication and sound. It's currently running Android JellyBean as its OS.

Project Shield can play Android based games as well as stream games from your PC if you are using a GeForce card. It's similar to how Splashtop THD does it with an Android tablet and your home PC. 

Right now, it's in beta and there isn't any word on if it would also gaming over cell, but NVIDIA's new LTE chip sounds like something that would fit right into this wouldn't it? NVIDIA's aiming for a Q2 2013 launch and you bet I'll be keeping a close eye on this product.

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