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by: Sean Cahill -
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On Wednesday of CES, my appointments finally brought me into the Las Vegas Convention Center to begin the meat of my schedule.  As Dan and I have both mentioned before, audio seemed to be the primary focus of this year's show, and sticking with that theme brings us to the Sennheiser booth.  The goal at this booth was to get my hands on the latest PC gaming headsets that Sennheiser had to offer in the form of the U320 and the PC363D.

U320 Gaming Headset

The U320 is a multi-platform gaming headset, meaning it isn't just for use with a PC or a Mac.  Sennheiser realized that console gamers need some love as well, so the U320 has been made to be fully compatible with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  The highlight of this headset is the fact that a user can change the audio levels independently to either raise the in-game volume, or to raise and lower the volume of the other players in the match.  The sound quality is stereo sound, so it is not a surround sound headset.  Still, even with it being just a simple two-channel audio headset, the sound quality was excellent.  There was no cracking at higher levels and the comfort of the headset itself is good initially.

The U320 Gaming Headset retails at $169.99

PC363D Gaming Headset

This was the headset I was really wanting to try out.  Sporting a virtual 7.1 Surround Sound system in a powerful package, the PC363D was directly developed with Dolby to ensure a beautiful array of audio while playing any proper title.  The 363D is designed to be used with a computer system only, due to the output of sound that it needs.  Comfort isn't an issue here either, and the microphone is specifically designed to mute when moving it up from the talk position to a side position on the headset, which is a great feature to have.  If it's a great surround feeling that you are looking for in a headset, the PC363D may very well be your best option.

The PC363D Gaming Headset retails at $299.99

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