CES 2012: Play Skyrim on your Tegra 3 tablet

by: John -
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I have a Transformer Prime and it's a great tablet with an awesome keyboard option. I've used a program called Splashtop a lot to remote into my PC as it's a lot more robust than the built in Windows 7 Remote Desktop in terms of performance. It's a great application, but it's about to get better for those with a Tegra 3 tablet like the Prime.

At the NVIDIA press conference at CES 2012, they demonstrated a THD version of Splashtop that will take advantage of Tegra 3 hardware to provide amazing performance when streaming. Yes, it's going to be dependent on your network connection, but you can see below they are playing Skyrim on a Transformer Prime that's remoted into the computer.

I've tried this on Splashtop HD and I was only able to do it in Windowed mode and the performance was pretty choppy even with my fast connection. But, I'll definitely be picking up the THD version as soon as its available and trying this out with my 4G hotspot in some remote location.

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