CES 2012: Vizio makes a bold statement by entering PC and laptop market.

by: Sean Cahill -
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Earlier this week, Vizio made a huge splash at the start of CES by announcing they were getting into the computing market by introducing their own line of All-in-one PC systems as well as laptops.  This was quite the unexpected move even with Vizio's involvement in the handheld tablet market, but with so many devices now being connected together in the home, it was almost inevitable that a company like Vizio would have to get into the market.  They have done just that, and they are not disappointing.

Vizio's All-in-one PC line is sleek, beautiful, and quite powerful, all wrapped into one neat package.  While there are no specifications to go by just yet, the information that we have is that the All-in-ones will be in two forms:  24 and 27 inches.  The units will feature USB 3.0 as well as two HDMI inputs that turns the gorgeous HD monitor into a package that can hook up cable, satellite, or gaming systems.  The real beauty of this is that the monitor can be used for your multimedia devices without the computer being turned on, which is truly an innovative design.  The keyboard is extremely sleek and the touch pad that acts as your mouse is an intuitive design that makes usage in the home quite unique, especially if you are using the PC as more than just a computer.  With the guts of the computer being kept in the slender base of the monitor, the hinging on the back of the computer is well hidden and gives the user truly a feel of a beautiful product.

The laptop line has garnered just as much attention as the All-in-one PCs, if not more.  With a simplistic, sleek design that rivals that of a Macbook, Vizio isn't just happy to get involved in the market.  They are making a clear statement.  The laptop, again, does not have any specifications just like it's desktop counterpart, so we are limited in what we can tell you.  Screen sizes are fairly standard at 14 and 15.6 inches respectively and have taken a page out of Apple's playbook with the Airbook by making the optical drive a separate portion, making the laptop that much thinner and lighter, as well as easier to transport.

Vizio made the jump into the television market a few years ago by bringing out an affordable HDTV for any consumer.  You have to believe that they are doing the exact same thing since their target audience doesn't change, even if the market does.  We will be watching the press releases very closely as we wait for Vizio to release specifications and price points that are more than likely expected to change the name of the game in the PC world.


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