CES 2011 just 7 days away... ZOMG Excited!

by: Ben Berry -
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A week from now, I'll be somewhere over the western part of the US on my way to CES 2011. The fearless reporting crew of John Yan, Dan Keener, and myself will be covering the event this year. Chuck couldn't make it; he was too concerned a power outage might interrupt his DVRing of The View, and figured he should stay home to watch it just in case. New for me this year is that my wife will be coming along for her first trip to Las Vegas. With that in the background, I'll be spending at least a little less time on the show floor, and more time showing my wife around town. Maybe I'll even have time to get off the strip for the first time and visit the light show downtown.

I still have 12 appointments set up on behalf of GN, and some scheduled "drive by's" (very short stop ins worth the look, but not worth a full 1/2 hour). Dan makes this his big show trip every year, so I know he has booked a bunch, and with John there should be some strong coverage again this year.

As usual, I'll be hosting the annual GN Las Vegas Dinner. I was hoping to take the gang to a different restaurant, but I couldn't get the reservations I wanted, so we're likely going to be back at the Paris buffet. I've also got the "It Won't Stay in Vegas" blogger party, and ShowStoppers (which looks to be really good this year, actually) to round out my official evening events. Further, Rach and I are staying an extra day this year, and coming home Monday. Should be a really fun trip. 
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