CES 2011: de Blob 2 demo

by: Dan -
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THQ brought a near completed version of de Blob 2: The Underground to Las Vegas for all to enjoy. They had an open, Xbox 360 hand’s on version of the game in 2D on Thursday in the SyFy booth as well as a demo version in 3D in the Mitsubishi booth. I was able to take in the 3D version on a Mitsubishi 73” rear projection 3D DLP and all I can say is “wow!” The game looked great, especially in 3D, and will be a hit among those that love a good puzzler as well as fans of the original de Blob. I did shoot some footage of the demo given to me by Daniel McGuffey of THQ with a near-finished PS3 version of the game. The video shows both the 3D, and an extended 2D version of the game (you can switch it in-game on the fly) with Daniel narrating during the demo.

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