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I always enjoy visiting with Westinghouse at CES because they bring their best products to the show and let us have some time with them in a more intimate setting than the big-boys on the show floor. You can actually spend some time talking with the company’s leadership and get a hands-on without having t fight over a million people. This year was a bit of a surprise, as I walked in and was treated to updates to both their LED and traditional LCD lineup as well as seeing several new sizes of sets.

The flagship is the 60” LD-6080Z, which features 1080p, 120Hz refresh, 4 HDMI and will be priced around $1,499 when it arrives in Q2 2011. This TV is large, bright and very beautiful but is still very thin and sleek. I was impressed with the cabinet look and feel as well as the quality of the image it was generating. I could see this easily as the centerpiece in a home theater system or a dedicated man-cave. Considering the size and MSRP, this will be one to look for on store shelves in my opinion.

Another TV that caught my eye was the 46” WC-4605, which is a connected LED set. It is lightweight (38lbs), has 2 HDMI, 120Hz and comes packaged with Netflix, Vudu and more. It did not have a price or shop date yet, but when it arrives in stores it will give consumers another option to pick up a great TV for a even better price.

For our gamers with limited space, one TV that might really get you going is the 26” 1080p LD-2680 (silver) and 2685 (red) LED TVs. They are small (11 lbs), bright, have 60 HZ refresh with 2 HDMI, and are price under $300. These would be perfect for an office, dorm room or kids bedroom. We hope to take a look at one of these in the next month or so to see how well they do under a constant barrage of today’s games.

Continuing on a theme from last year, all Westinghouse LED TVs either meet or exceed the Federal Energy star limits and either have the designation or are in the process of being certified Energy Star compliant. This is especially impressive as Westinghouse continues to provide clear and bright images without using an excessive amount of energy to do it.

I think Westinghouse had a great lineup of sets at this year’s CES. They continue to impress me with the quality of their products and the ability to keep their pricing in line with what today’s consumers want. With the addition of the 46”, 55” and 60” models, they also offer a at least one set in all of the popular sizes that will fit whatever space a consumer needs.

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