CES 2011: Swag-A-Thon Day 1

by: Ben Berry -
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Welcome to the 2011 edition of the CES Swag-A-Thon. Following a somewhat meager 2010 Swag-A-Thon, the 2011 version kicked into high gear on the very first day. The highlight for day one is usually the press bag, which is tough to beat from a quality perspective, but is easy to get. Rarity is a big part of the quality of swag, which is why the best thing I actually got was a soon to be release 5.1 gaming headset. I thought I'd wandered into the wrong show for a bit because across from some of the fitness gaming booths there was a Trojan booth, so I picked up free comdoms, because that's some good swag. Hopefully the rest of CES 2011 stands out like today. 

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