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In what has become a bit of a CES tradition, my first appointment of the show was again with NYKO. This year, they had at least one new product for every console with a focus on the more interactive gaming products that have been released in the last year. First up was an updated Perfect Shot Pro for the Nintendo Wii. The new version now has rumble built in with a toggle switch to turn it on or off. The rumble is powered from the Wii remote, but it won’t be a power drain according to the NYKO folks. The big news is that the Perfect Shot Pro will now come in three colors. In addition to the original blue/white trim, the new colors will be digital cammo and black/orange. One other note, it will work with any wired nunchuk or the wireless Kama.

For the Xbox 360, NYKO had the most new products due to Microsoft redesigning the Xbox 360 console and introducing the Kinect. First up was a redesigned version of the Intercooler STS. The new design blends a design inspired by the look and feel of the Xbox 360 slim with overcoming the location of the new exhaust ports on the console. What came about was a cool looking, yet very effective Intercooler that IMO adds to the look of the Xbox 360 slim. Some of the features includes the TempSmart heat sensing technology, USB powered, clip-on installation and vents that blow air out and away from both the player and the console itself. I didn’t get a price, but I imagine it will fall within the same parameters of p[previous versions of the Intercooler.

Also for the 360 and specifically for the Kinect are the ExtendLink cable and a Kinect Power Adapter. The ExtendLink is a 15’ flat extension cable to allow you to move your Kinect camera much further away from your Xbox 360. This would be extremely useful in home theater rooms or any are where you gear isn’t right next to your TV. According to NYKO, this cable length will not cause any loss or lag that could impact performance. One other cool feature is that it has an LED indicator light when it is linked. The Power Adapter is a replacement power source for the Kinect camera that combines a USB port and AC power with an extra long 10’ cable to get your Kinect up and running. This is good for older Xbox 360 consoles that may be lacking in USB ports or needs additional cable runs. Like the ExtendLink cable, it also has an led indicator light when linked.

The last new product for the Xbox 360 is the redesigned ChargeBase S that has a new sleeker and sexier look that matches the new Xbox 360 slim. It still has all of the ChargeBase amenities such as drop and charge, two NiMH batteries included and dual port charging. But the changes include a new color and trim (chrome on black) and new LED indicators that make it easier to determine which controller is charging and how far along is it. The changes look good and help NYKO keep up with the changing console and consumer tastes.

The last new products were for the Sony PlayStation 3 with a focus on Move capable weaponry. The biggest news is that the Perfect Shot has made its way to the PS3. Much like the Wii version, it will have vibration feedback (‘AA’ batteries required for PS3 model only) that can be turned on or off, the Move controller slides in to the same spot and it has that comfy ergonomic design and feel. I tested it out for about 10 minutes and it felt natural in my hand and is well-suited for either left or right handed operation, or even two hands for that matter. The design allows for the Move controller to track really well and is not impacted at all by the Perfect Shot’s design, as well as the face buttons being easily accessible during gameplay. Although it was finalized yet, it looks to be coming in two colors, the white/orange and the digital cammo.

The last new product for the PS3 was the PowerShot, which is a Tactical Rifle Attachment. This was a hand-crafted demo unit, but you can easily see that this will be one of the better assault rifle accessories for the PS3 on the market when it arrives. The front grip holds the navigation controller (if you have one), rotates 30 degrees left or right for comfort and left/right handed operation and give a ton of stability to the gun. Other cool features are an aiming sight, vibration and a stock that expands. For those that will be playing FPS on the PS3 with your move controllers, I think you just found your rifle accessory.

I think NYKO had some really good and innovative products this year, and I believe we may see some additional products continue to be announced as the year progresses.

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