CES 2011: Memorex Game Accessories

by: Ben Berry -
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The Memorex/Imation brands have been synonymous with quality PC data storage products for years and years, and recently they've gotten into the gaming market. Not in storage, but in peripherals. They've had a few products in retail for a while, but in response to a survey of 1000 families they commissioned late in 2009, they've added to their product line to take advantage of opportunities they saw in the results.

They've got a series of Wii Remotes that include Wii Motion Plus, and wireless nunchuks for less than $49. They've got an enhanced analog button that replaces the traditional DPad, and it's a lot nicer especially for diagonals. They're also adding a quality steering wheel, and a 3 pack of that wheel for family racing with an MSRP of $25. I really like feel of the wheel, as the grips are a nice rubber hold.

On top of the controllers, they're also making charging stations for the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. These aren't the typical induction chargers, as they're stylishly designed, and don't make you feel like you should be hiding them behind the TV stand. 

My favorite piece I can tell you about was their wireless sensor bar for the Wii. It's got a sharp look. allows for wider range of play due to it's rounded ends, and it's only $14.99.

Finally, there's something I can't tell you about, but it sounds something like a Maystation Plove controller (switch some letters to figure it out), that has some terrific upgrades over the Sony product, will likely be cheaper, and lighter, but looks to be equal the quality.

We'll be getting review units in for many of these items and some more that I didn't cover which we'll detail later. 

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