CES 2011: LevelUp

by: Ben Berry -
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How do you know you're doing it right? When people will wait in line to see demos of what you already have in stores, with hardly a word of what's coming next. LevelUp, who sent us a ZigZag tower that I reviewed a couple months back, had a nice booth full of their gorgeous products, most of which I've detailed via releases and previous news posts. But they did have a few new things we saw and a couple more we heard rumors about but didn't see.

To start with, they're close to releasing their second generation of gaming storage towers that focus on smaller form factors with an eye toward just storing games. They also are working on updated versions of their very popular ottomans, including folding units that will take up less space in retail while still maintaining all of the structural strength of the non folding units. Finally, we heard word of some interesting new items that LevelUp may be working on in the mobile gaming space, but didn't get any confirmation. It'll be interesting to see what LevelUp does this year, but based on last year it will likely be pretty successful.

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