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We cover all types of games at GamingNexus and that includes those for children in addition to us “big kids.” I was fortunate enough to spend some time on the 2011 CES show floor with the team behind Knowledge Adventure including the company President and CEO David Lord. Knowledge Adventure has been producing some great education titles for a while now (especially under their Jump Start brand), but this year at CES they were showing off how they plan to enter the social and online gaming market. David also shared some of the company’s philosophy with me, including how they plan to make several franchises that will integrate the product lineup to match the age of the children and how their online portals share the same accounts and log in. Ideally, Knowledge Adventures hopes to grow their learning titles along with the children, so their new games reflect content and challenges that are close to the age groups of the kids as they grown.

As far as what the company brought to the show, they had two new products to show off including one that had been turned up the opening day of CES. The first was JumpStart.com, their online portal that allows boys or girls ages 3-10 to tool around in the world and find some sort of educational game they will like. The JumpStart.com portal will require a membership to access all the features. The price points are $7.99 monthly, $74.99 annually and $149.99 for lifetime. Please check out the demo of JumpStart.com from Erin, Knowledge Adventure’s Product Marketing Manager-Community Development as she gives a very thorough walkthrough of the service and its features:

JumpStart.com Demo

The next title that Knowledge Adventure was showing off was Math Blaster, which was just turned up the week of CES. It is geared more toward older children in the 7-12 age bracket, and is cross-platform for both online and iPad. Math Blaster will be coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch in the future as well. The game is one of the titles that is designed to challenge the skill set of the older children as they go, while still keeping their interest with the “blasting” portion. Again, Erin from Knowledge Adventure provides a narrated demo of Math Blaster as seen through the online portal and gives some great information of the title:

Math Blaster Demo

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