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by: John -
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Big things are in line for Bigfoot Networks as they had some nice announcements at the show. I’ve met with Bigfoot Networks many times now in the past few E3’s and CES’s, but the announcements at CES this year is their biggest.

A partnership with MSI is starting up, but no motherboards with the Killer technology are on hand yet. It’s just in its infant stages, but I was told they were out phase with MSI’s schedule to be able to start including the technology in MSI’s products.

ASUS will be bundling Killer E2100 into their Rampage III Black Edition motherboards. Now, ASUS was deep into their design cycle with their motherboards so to mitigate risk, ASUS decided to embed the E2100 into the daughter card that also houses the audio connections. It’s a nice little way to offer up Bigfoot Network’s solution at this time.

The big news is probably that Gigabyte will be employing the E2100 onto the motherboard itself so they will be the first company to offer Bigfoot Network’s tech straight from the motherboard itself. Now, I’ve always thought this was the way to go for Bigfoot Networks and I’m glad to see it finally coming into fruition. I did see the Gigabyte boards up close, which I will detail in another post, but hardcore gamers will get some really great networking tech when they purchase one of Gigabyte’s boards with E2100 included.

Bigfoot Networks also showed off some tests with two identical configurations at the Gigabyte booth, one with E2100 and one without showing off how the one using the lesser network solution had higher latency and overall performance was many times less than the Gigabyte card using E2100.

Now, I’m interested to see how much further Bigfoot Networks can take their relationships with the other OEMS and start having them build the E2100 into their motherboards later on down the road, but Bigfoot Networks has come a long ways since I first met them with better pricing, better hardware, and more relationships to take the company to the next level.
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